The No. 1 vendor for Micro Focus GroupWise

As the leading third-party vendor for Micro Focus products our software covers a wide range of application scenarios including anti-spam and anti-virus protection for email; backup, restore and archiving of digital messages; and email system management. Our email management solutions are built and designed for GroupWise to ensure a perfect integration with your system. To protect your Micro Focus environment against spam, viruses and malware our messaging security solution GWAVA also supports Micro Focus Vibe, GroupWise Mobility Service and WASP.

  • Reload – Business Continuity
  • Vertigo – Mailbox Management
  • Redline – Email Reporting
  • Reveal – Email Forensics & Audit
  • GWAVA – Messaging Security
Business Continuity with GWAVA Reload


Technical Data Sheet

Reload | Business Continuity

Reload is the fastest backup & disaster recovery tool available for Micro Focus GroupWise. Reload delivers quick message restore as well as hot backups of post offices and domains, ensuring that critical data is always current and available. In a crisis, Reload can function as your GroupWise email system until it becomes available again.

As a complementary product for Reload, Blueprint helps ensure your GroupWise system is running optimally by providing timely reports that can easily be analyzed and manipulated. In addition, a possibility to create automated backups of your Retain archive has been introduced shortly. Reload for Retain is the perfect backup and disaster recovery solution for Retain.

Top Benefits & Features

  • Push-button Recovery
  • Single Message Restore
  • Simultaneuos Backups
  • End User Self-Service
  • On-Premise or in the Cloud
  • Detailed Reports & Statistics

Vertigo | Mailbox Management

Vertigo is a sophisticated mailbox management solution for Micro Focus GroupWise. Whether you are managing the mailbox settings for 10,000 users or attempting to turn off a vacation rule of a single mailbox, Vertigo puts all GroupWise mailboxes in your control. GWAVA Vertigo was created to manage proxy rights, folders, address books, junk mail, junk lists, rules and signatures by combining all functions into a single tool.

Top Benefits & Features

  • Proxy Management
  • Rules Management
  • Signature Management
  • Folder Management
  • System Management
  • Address Book Management
Mailbox Management with GWAVA Vertigo
Technical Data Sheet
Email Reporting with GWAVA Redline
Technical Data Sheet

Redline | Email Reporting

Redline is the only fully comprehensive, customizable, monitoring and reporting tool for Micro Focus GroupWise. Redline provides over 120 unique real-time reports and delivers more than 1000 userdefined alerts and notifications. Redline provides an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard to quickly evaluate the health of GroupWise, GWAVA, Retain, Reload, Blackberry Enterprise Server, Notify Mobile Device Management, and other systems.

Top Benefits & Features

  • System wide capacity analysis
  • User activity analysis
  • Reports, graphs & tables
  • Detailed Post Office analysis
  • Complete system view
  • Single administration point

Reveal | Email Forensics & Audit

Reveal is an Executive level solution for GroupWise monitoring, auditing, and email policy enforcement. It is a simple desktop application with the ability to maintain oversight to all email communications within Micro Focus‘s GroupWise. Reveal ensures that organizations can conduct confidential email investigation and reduce the liability that organizations can experience while maintaining the integrity of the messaging system.

Top Benefits & Features

  • Reduce Liability
  • Meet Legal Obligations
  • Avoid misuse of email
  • Protect Intellectual Property
  • Maintain Email Oversight
  • Reduce risk of data leakage
Email Forensics & Audit with GWAVA Reveal
Technical Data Sheet
Messaging Security with GWAVA
Technical Data Sheet

GWAVA | Messaging Security

Communication needs to be protected because it has business critical data. There are many ways viruses and spam enter your network. That’s why GWAVA not only secures Micro Focus GroupWise but also the GroupWise Mobility Service, the GroupWise WebAccess and Micro Focus Vibe. GWAVA removes security violation risks and keeps your communication secure. Find more detailed information about GWAVA here.

Top Benefits & Features

  • Micro Focus GroupWise
  • GroupWise Mobility Service
  • Micro Focus Vibe
  • GroupWise WebAccess


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