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The Retain Migration Toolkit provides email system migration for organizations looking to move from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365. The Toolkit specializes in efficiently and thoroughly extracting, storing, indexing, searching, publishing and importing email and its associated data. In the extracting process, the software copies email data in a platform-agnostic archive format. From here, the data can easily be migrated into Microsoft Exchange or Office 365. The Migration Toolkit helps organizations to migrate their email quickly and securely, reduce migration cost and mitigate the risk of data leakage.


  • Migrate email & more
  • Pre-migration analysis
  • Migrate folders & notes
  • Migrate calendar items
  • eDirectory Migration
  • PST Migration
  • Multi-Instance Migration
  • Reporting & Statistics

Securely migrate | ALL | your Data

Before moving your mail server, you will need to ensure that you have a quick and efficient way to migrate ALL your data, such as email, users, folders, tasks, address books and PST-Files.


Securely migrate eDirectory and Active Directory accounts and all connected data

eDirectory & Active Directory

Securely migrate eDirectory and Active Directory accounts and all connected data.



It is essential to archive and log all of the content that might constitute a business record and that could need to be retained for long periods including social media. Organizations more and more tend to use social media networks to communicate business critical information. Therefore, it is important to securely archive this data and to be able to quickly find and retrieve this data if required.

Retain helps organizations mitigate the risks associated with the increased usage of social media at work by securely archiving social media communications. Retain for Social Messaging securely archives Twitter and Facebook incoming and outgoing communication. This archived data can be instantly retrieved, searched and published. Retain archives the following social media communication:

  • Facebook wall posts, status updates, messages, friend requests, likes and events
  • Twitter direct messages and posts (tweets)
Migrate email, appointments, attachments, folders, notes, taks, calendars and address books


Migrate email, appointments, attachments, folders, notes, taks, calendars and address books



Email is a critical source of corporate communication and should be considered as a first priority when it comes to content retention. In order to comply with current retention laws and internal regulations an archiving solution is essential for any organisation. Archiving offers a high number of comprehensive functions, which allow companies to work more efficient, save resources and reduce costs.

Retain provides email archiving, eDiscovery and data publishing for organisations. Sophisticated technologies such as de-duplication reduce the complexity of the mail server, minimise costs and help to comply with retention laws. Additionally the quick and easy retrieval of old emails helps each user to work efficiently with their stored data. No matter where information is stored, Retain provides instant and easy access for eDiscovery and end user accessibility.

  • Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Lync via Exchange
  • Novell GroupWise 7, 8, 2012, 2014
  • Google Apps
Quickly migrate GroupWise personal archives and local PST-Files to your new email system.

GroupWise Archives & PST-Files

Quickly migrate GroupWise personal archives and local PST-Files to your new email system.



Text messages can be as critical as email to your organization for instant communication. However, without the means to store and track these messages, you have no way of knowing what confidential or sensitive information has been sent through texts nor can you be compliant with open records regulations.

For years, Retain has been successfully archiving emails, making sure they are safely stored and accessible for discovery. Retain Mobile offers the same advantages for Android & BlackBerry text messages and phone usage data. Retain securely archives every text and Messenger message and all phone call usage. With Retain Mobile you don’t lose valuable information:

  • Android SMS/MMs and phone call logs
  • BlackBerry BBM, PIN, SMS/MMS and phone call logs

The Plan for Office 365 Migrations

As you move to the cloud, you need to consider migrating your current system to Office 365. The Migration Toolkit helps you to quickly make the move. After implementing Office 365 - should you ever decide to move back to Exchange – the Toolkit gives you the ability to do so. The archived messaging data is the same, therefore you can be assured that migrating to and from Office 365 will be easy and seamless. If you are afraid of data leakage in the cloud, a local archive of your data will give you the peace of mind of a secure and long-term retention strategy.

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